GDPS offers state-of-art laboratories with good equipment, and follows all the required safety measures.



The biology lab is well equipped with varieties of charts, models and specimens which enhance and enrich the learning experience of the students. It provides students with opportunities to question, observe, sample, experience, experiment with scientific phenomena in their quest for knowledge of living things.


A chemistry lab is a place where lot of unanswered questions comes to the fore and is practically demonstrated to the students. The chemistry lab is furnished with adequate equipment and apparatus that enable the budding science enthusiasts to conduct the experiments with active participation. The activities are carried out with adequate safety measures that are essential during its conduct.


The physics lab is spacious with state-of-the- art facilities that facilitates first-hand experience of learning different concepts of physics and in developing scientific reasoning through experiments. The lab helps to bring the subject alive and generate interest among the students which enhance and enrich the learning process.


The school has s well-equipped Math Lab with several kits to provide hands on experience. The Math Lab Plus is built on NCF 2005 guidelines and has pedagogically appropriate activities, designed as per the age group and classes based on the NCERT / CBSE syllabus. Through this the children explore the subject of mathematics with the use of colour, touch, and sound. It aims at optimizing problem solving by enabling students with logical and reasoning skills through various games, puzzles, and activities.


A dedicated broadband Internet connection in the lab provides internet access to source the websites for educational material. The computer access and internet connections are monitored by the teachers and system administrators who aid and guide the children through the sessions. This helps the children to go beyond the text books and understand, assimilate, and practice all the key elements of IT.


Our Language Lab is a platform where comprehensive and interactive digital content catering to the listening and speaking skills, is used in a stimulating lab environment. Our Language Lab helps the students to remove all barriers in learning languages. It supports a child to correct his/her accent and overcome hesitation that the child may have in speaking English. The Language Labs and audio-visual rooms are extensively used for enhancing spoken skills, practising English using everyday scenarios, acquisition of vocabulary through integrated learning, pronunciation practice using phonetics, extensive listening and speaking practice, gradual upgradation of English language skills through structured program and integrated functional grammar in a fun-filled method of lesson delivery in accordance with the needs of CBSE.


Students learn to cook traditional and international cuisine. They enjoy learning this basic life skill which enables them to understand the requirements of a balanced meal to lead a healthy lifestyle.


To enable the children from Grade I to stride confidently into the World of Robotics, the school has partnered with Lego Mindstorms Education. Starting at elementary level, it builds skills for the 21st Century. It helps in powerful, exciting, and inspiring solutions within literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, and design and engineering. The activities are designed to stimulate critical and practical responses to real-life problem solving. The Electronics lab is also a part of Robotics lab from Grade VI onwards.


Montessori Lab is a space buzzling with activities with separate play areas, activity rooms, learning pathways and story walls to develop fine motor skills, gross motor skills, social communication, emotional and cognitive skills of the students.


The Wood Workshop at GDPS is a unique feature that facilitates mastering of basic principles and modern techniques of manufacturing, allowing students to attain a strong foundation in engineering from an early age. The wood workshop offers students hands-on technical skills in a safe environment, under the guidance of experienced faculty. Students acquire woodworking and carpentry skills and make wooden articles.