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German Exchange 2019

In connection with a Germany Exchange Programme, about 12 students and two teachers visited Esslingen Am Neckar, Germany, from April 27 to May 19, 2019. The students were housed with German families during their stay there. The students were taken on guided tours of Esslingen City and neighboring places.

Some of the places they visited were Munich City, Tripsdrill Amusement Park, Wilhelma Zoo, Mercedes Benz Museum, Experimenta–the Science Center, FESTO Automation Industry, Friedrichshafen on the shore of Lake Constance (Bodensee), Friedrichshafen School Museum, Pfahlbau museum Unteruhldingen (Stilt House Museum), an archaeological open-air museum on Lake Constance, Ritter Sport Factory, Chocolate Museum, Strasbourg, France, world’s highest church tower in Ulm. They also went on a catamaran boat ride on Lake Constance.

The students enjoyed traditional food like Semmelknödel and Flammkuchen, Schnitzel, Doenerarev, Moultaschen and many others. All the students had enjoyable stays with their host families.

The students were impressed by the efficient, disciplined, confident, well organized, punctual, traditional, friendly, caring, respectful, generous and polite Germans. The exchange programme was a great success. It was an excellent learning experience for the students and they returned with fond memories.

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