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School No: 46288

Teachers Day Celebrations 2017-2018

Teachers Day- 5th September2017, was celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm. The students of Grade 9, 10 & 11, made elaborate plans for the day. Teachers were engaged and entertained the whole day with games and other activities. A treasure hunt got the entire teaching fraternity of the school on their feet, scurrying around all over the campus looking for the elusive clues to the final treasure. The activity got everyone’s blood pumping and energized the system. The rest of the morning session passed in music, dance and games.

In the post lunch session, the movers and shakers set the stage on fire. They entertained the teachers with spectacular displays of dancing, singing and acting. Speeches were delivered by students and several were the nostalgic moments. All aspects of the programme were planned meticulously to the last detail. In all, for the teachers, the Teachers Day celebration only reaffirmed that they were all in the right profession.

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